ESWT Machine

The equipment used for ESWT is state of the art technology that can quickly relieve chronic pain from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, and other common problems. The ESWT machine is an FDA approved form of treatment. And most ESWT devices utilize the Dornier EPOS Ultra technology to achieve the best results.

What Makes ESWT Unique?

This equipment is unique because it uses ultrasound technology to target damaged tissues in the problem areas of the body. Then, the equipment sends shockwaves directly to these areas. This shock of energy stimulates the damaged tissues and allows them to begin the rebuilding process.

Low Energy And High Energy

Many people prefer Dornier EPOS Ultra because of the different energy outputs. It can be used at low energy levels or high energy levels. Typically high energy treatments are preferred. During high energy treatment, micro trauma to the tissue is caused, which causes the body to create a new tissue and repair damaged tendons. In addition, it can also relieve pain.

Low energy shock therapy is only effective against pain. Furthermore, low energy shock therapy cannot be performed with a local anesthetic because it could affect the results of the treatment, making it ineffective. Therefore, those who seek low energy shock therapy need to be able to tolerate the treatment.


Research indicates that the ESWT machine can effectively relieve pain. It is a low risk option that generates positive results for many patients. The minimal side effects and ease of this procedure make it a great option for anyone that is having trouble finding relief from chronic pain relief.

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