ESWT Recovery

ESWT simplifies the way common problems including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis are treated today. The procedure offers patients access to a remedy that is not only effective but also quick. In addition, this option is almost always preferred to surgery because it is less invasive, providing for a faster recovery time.

Downsides Of Surgery

Frequently those that suffer from chronic pain need a more extreme remedy than pain medication. Therefore, it is common for someone that suffers from an injury like chronic plantar fasciitis to opt for surgery. However, surgeries for these types of injuries are only 50 percent successful. In addition, they are highly invasive. A surgery takes time and is riskier than other options. Also the recovery time can be substantial.

ESWT Is Low Risk

ESWT is a non-surgical treatment that is less invasive. It is performed outside the body, minimizing risk and abuse that is caused from this therapy. Patients do not have to worry about infections or increased pain from the procedure. And although many view it as a more conservative approach to treating chronic pain, it actually generates a higher success rate. Approximately 80 percent of patients exhibit positive results.

Recovery Time

The procedure lasts less than 30 minutes. Since the duration is brief and the side effects are minimal, patients can expect to return home feeling the same way the did when they came in. The difference is the ESWT will have jumpstarted the healing process in the infected area of their body. Therefore, recovery from ESWT focuses on the time it takes to fully recover from the injury not the procedure.

When To Expect A Full Recovery

Typically this recovery period is gradual. The damaged tissues begin to rebuild themselves after receiving ESWT, and in time the pain begins to decrease. For some, the pain will significantly decrease in a few days. For others, it may take a few months. Whether it is a few days, weeks or months, the results prove that ESWT is a great remedy for today’s top injuries.

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